The firm Neumeister Hydraulik has been a producer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders and aggregates since 1929. What began on a small scale with agricultural machinery and equipment, has developed into today's successful company, driven by the growing demand for hydraulic components.

It all happened in 1993. The move was made into our modern production and administrative building. Thanks to this step, which was the largest in the history of Neumeister Hydraulik, we were in a much better position to meet our customers' needs.

Today, the product portfolio ranges from pressure cylinders to single and double-acting cylinders to hydraulic aggregates. Naturally, we also offer the necessary equipment, such as control, distributing and pressure valves.

We can call on a large store of knowledge from our many years' experience, which has always been a motor for new developments in the past and which also spurs us on to high achievements today. In this context, it does not matter whether we are developing a new cylinder or building on existing products.

The result is always the same - outstanding quality. The family company Neumeister Hydraulik with headquarters in Neuenstadt am Kocher currently employs 265 people. A cutting edge space of 16,700 sqm for planning, construction and production creates a pleasant working environment to achieve high performance every day. We have the latest machinery in our production centre to achieve ambitious goals.

The latest fully automatic welding robots work here with computer-controlled NC turning lathes. In contrast, there are still a lot of manual processes in the final assembly stage, in order to meet our demand for flawless products. As a medium-sized company, we see it as our duty to pave the way for young people into professional life and, therefore, we have 20 apprentices in our training workshop.
We rely heavily on computer support in our construction department. Specially trained designers work here on the latest CAD workstations, which enable them to assess how the developed cylinders will stand the test of time in daily use later on.

Thanks to our tight organisation and the optimised production flows in our company, we are always able to meet your requirements with regard to deadlines and the quality of our products. Challenge us - today.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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