Company founder Otto Neumeister was always a step ahead of his time. His pioneering spirit kept the company on its successful course since it was founded in 1929. The first product from the Schwabian tinkerer from Neuenstadt am Kocher was the ”Otto“ grease gun produced from1934 to 1936. Ideas for tail-lifts and special cylinders emerged in the time of the economic miracle.


Its innovative strength and adaptability allowed the company to grow continually. The resumption of telescopic cylinder construction for Dautel-Kipper made the first operational expansion urgently necessary in the middle of the 1950s. In the years that followed, Neumeister Hydraulik added products such as 3-piston pumps and single-acting cylinders to its portfolio. Thanks to heavy demand, the company continued to expand at the old site up to the 1990s; production, storage and administrative capacities and staff numbers were all growing.


... And then


The flourishing company required further operational expansion. As the old site could no longer offer any more space, the Neumeister management decided to relocate the company’s headquarters in 1991. After a two-year building phase, the company moved to the ”Autobahn West“ industrial area – today, more than 300 staff work in a total area of16,700 m2.


Key Expertise

We see ourselves as a supplier of ideas, which recognises the increasing requirements on hydraulic components again and again and uses them as an opportunity. Well-founded know-how, many years’ experience and the ambition always to offer the best solution to our customers, enable products to emerge that meet customers’ requirements and those of the market.

Our product portfolio ranges from telescopic cylinders through single and doubleaction cylinders to hydraulic Power Packs and equipment, such as pilot, directional and pressure valves. With new products like the HySafe non-return valve or the 4-chamber cylinder for public transport vehicles, we are always bringing momentum to the market.

Vehicle and machine manufacturers, the concrete industry, steel-hydraulic engineering, producers of airport runway equipment, the tunnel boring sector and the maritime industry trust in top products from Neumeister Hydraulik.

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